In Certus Lawyers and Tax Advisors we understand that as a company we are part of a society in which we work, provide services and generate employment and wealth.

But we also live with many more companies, clients, entities, workers, friends and family. From our position we believe that we should reinvest part of what we get as part of a society that should be supportive with those who have fewer opportunities.

In this sense, our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is defined, where we have designed a series of actions as an active and voluntary contribution to the improvement of the social, economic and environmental environment.

We call it #CertusconelArte and from our website we want to promote the culture of art especially from those creative people who contribute to the society in which we live their vision, their sensitivity and their art through their works.

Certus Lawyers and Tax Advisors has also reached a collaboration agreement with the publishing house “La camasol”, a publishing house that is both traditional and avant-garde, which seeks to promote dialogue between poetry and visual arts, but also between poetry and technology.

His books are bound without cutting the sheets, the old fashioned way, to read them as one discovers a secret, cutting and opening each page. The books also include augmented reality, something pioneering that gives life to books and incorporates extra content linking art and technology at the forefront of innovation.

Within the framework of this agreement Certus Lawyers and Tax Advisors discloses its works and contact for all those of its stakeholders who are interested in the works that said editorial promotes. For more information contact, Tel. +34 678 44 91 09,

From Certus Lawyers and Tax Advisors we will introduce artists from Malaga, their works and among those who want to help them in two ways:

  1. Spreading your work among our acquaintances and friends through our social networks, sharing the publications where we will interview the artists we promote from Certus Asesores.
  2. Buying his work, is the most direct way to support, enhance and promote the continuity of the creative impulse of the artist.

Below you can find out about the different artists that we are promoting in #CertusconelArte:

  • Soon we will expose your work of art

    Soon we will expose your work of art

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